Breeding Minks for Coats

Imagine your whole life leading up to one thing, only you don’t know it.  This is how the minks live.  Why?  Because we, humans, like their fur.  Not to pet.  To wear.  And the one thing in life that the minks don’t know that they’re waiting for is death. Minks are bred so that when they’re nice and large they’re killed and skinned brutally.  Then, a few weeks later, they’re strutting down 5th Avenue on the back and arms of a rich old lady.  You’re not exactly alive.  You’re a coat.  A cold, lifeless coat.  Let’s stop breeding minks for coats. (May 11, 2004)

At Home

At Home

I sit in the old maple.

Through its wide, swaying branches,

I see the blue sky.

A rainbow arcs across it.

A bird sings.

I am at home.

I Love You (Age 6)

To Do Something Special (Age 10)

I want to do something special this year, or even 20 years from now.  I want to stand out sometime.  That may be the reason I’ve decided to become a doctor when I’m grown.  Most kids think that’s stupid, even you may be thinking that too as you read this.  But, I want to help.  Anything!  I can help clean up my neighborhood, wash away mean words written on walls, so no one has to be reminded of the hate that lingers in this world.  I’m getting off point.  Anyway, I want to help the class community, or help raise money for starving people.  I want to become more active in peacemaking, and helping people make the right choices.  I want to help save endangered species.  I want to discover the cure for cancer, and save lives.  I just hope I get the chance.

War (Age 10)

Fave Page (Age 10)

The Leaves on My Tree